The problems in the Caucasus region should be solved through cooperation: Raisi tells Putin in a telephone conversation

Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, Kremlin reports. “Current issues on the Russian-Iranian agenda were reviewed with an emphasis on the need to continue scaling up bilateral cooperation across the board. In particular, the presidents spoke in favour of consistently implementing mutually beneficial projects in energy, transport and logistics.
Turning to international affairs, the presidents praised the close coordination that has been achieved as part of the Astana process, a key factor in the Syrian settlement process. Support was expressed for continuing to work together closely in order to normalise the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic and restore the territorial integrity of that country. Several high-level bilateral meetings were scheduled”, Putin’s Press office said in a statement. 
Raisi and Vladimir Putin discussed Ukraine and other issues on the phone, IRNA News agency reports. The Iranian president reiterated his country’s readiness to help bring an end to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and restore peace there. He also referred to the crises in Syria, as well as the Caucasus region, saying that regional issues should be resolved through cooperation.
The Islamic Republic is always stressing the need for enhancing regional integration and the harmfulness of “foreign interference” in regional affairs, Raisi noted. The Russian president, on his part, welcomed Iran’s initiative to restore peace in Ukraine, IRNA reports.